For all your building needs:Chemicals

Sand, Gravel, & Rock in large one-ton bags
Cement, Blocks, Bricks & Lintels
Precast Concrete, Plasterboard, Insulation & Plaster mix
Roofing Materials ; Gutters & Rough Woods
Timber sheet materials, Plywood & Rough wood



All safety protective clothing, Goggles, 1ton-bags
Helmets, Boots etc.
Power tool accessories, Hand Tools,
Shovels, Yard brushes etc.
Heating, Bathroom, Plumbing, Electrical,
Gas & Welding tools and accessories
Door handles, Ladders, & Wheelbarrows
Brushes, Rollers, Sealants & Adhesives
Wood fixings, Masonry and Metal fixings, Plasterboard Fixings, Roofing fixings.